أول موقع الكتروني نسائي100٪ نعمل في تصميم و طباعة المنتجات و الهدايا التذكارية و الدعائية وهي مؤسسة سعودية رسمية مسجلة بسجل تجاري رقم : 4030345980

تيشرت خريطة المملكة اليوم الوطني السعودي 91

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The Saudi National Day has many aspects of celebration, including wearing the Kingdom Map T-shirt, which will be an elegant touch that will change the concept of casual clothes in your wardrobe Soft and comfortable fabric

product specification

  • Saudi National Day A great banner to celebrate this important day
  • White T-shirt with round neck and short sleeves
  • Casual T-shirt style for middle ages

Printing Techniques Used

  • Saudi National Day holds an important memory for every Saudi citizen
  • Printing the map of the Kingdom as an expressive logo using the finest modern printing techniques that match the texture of the T-shirt
  • HD print that doesn't go away with frequent washing
  • The attractive red color used in printing the map of the Kingdom, through which you can express your celebration of the Saudi National Day

Product Features

  • Saudi National Day is a joyful memory that pervades the kingdom, and that is why many people want to exchange gifts with each other
  • The Saudi National Day T-shirt is suitable for men and women because it has a unified design for the map of the Kingdom
  • The materials of the industry are of high quality and comfortable, and there are different sizes that you can review when ordering the product

Some customers' opinions about the product

  • Thank you for your kindness and fast delivery of the product
  • The T-shirt is of great material and the design of the kingdom map is distinctive

Care and washing information

  • Use cold water
  • Do not use blotting
  • Do not use bleach
  • Iron the T-shirt from the inside

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21.74 USD
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