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T-shirt with custom printed vinyl materials Cotton T-shirt with a round neck design you want and like

T-shirt with printed materials in vinyl

  • Vinyl Printing
  • Limited colors and specific materials
  • Files allowed to upload Design files Vector in black with a transparent background EPS, SVG, PNG, AL, PDF It is recommended that the resolution of the file is not less than 150 dpi to get the perfect quality in printing.
  • The price depends on the location of the print and the number of colors used in the design
  • 100% soft cotton, can be printed on any color T-shirt
  • High-resolution thermal vinyl printing
  • Don't go with frequent washing
  • Taking into account the images that have no color gradations or shades, our team does not process the images before printing them, as you are solely responsible for the quality of the images that are sent, and if you wish to process the images, you can request the service from here.
  • If you wish to print high-quality color photos, you can request the service from here
  • If you bring Blouses Custom please communicate with our team through August Alwats procedures receipt

1            Description for T-shirt with printed materials in vinyl

A distinctive, pure cotton elastic T-shirt with a round neckline. Through the site, you can print photos and graphics with high-quality and various wearable vinyl materials that keep pace with international fashion.

2            Features of a T-shirt with printed materials in vinyl

  • Wearing it will be an elegant touch that will change the concept of casual wear in your wardrobe.
  • Vinyl print for T-shirt no more than 2 or 3.
  • It is one of the best gifts to give to someone dear to you.
  • Printing with various materials such as golden, glossy, luminous, reflective vinyl, etc...
  • Vinyl printing technology can be used on sports t-shirts to print logos and letters.
  • Special prices for quantities and wholesale. You can contact us via WhatsApp to send a price quote.

3            Care and washing information:

  • Use cold water
  • Do not use blotting as excessive heat affects the quality of the vinyl and may tear
  • Do not use bleach
  • Iron the T-shirt from the inside

4            customer reviews

First opinion: Good, distinctive, high-quality print that does not go easily with frequent washing

Second opinion: You can put on it whatever designs you like and want

Women's size chart in centimeters:

Men's size chart in centimeters:

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